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Electrum Model E Elite

Electrum Model E Elite

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The Electrum Model E Elite has become a game-changer in the realm of Pickleball, following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Original Model E. This groundbreaking paddle, with its state-of-the-art design and construction utilizing raw carbon fiber, has revolutionized the sport.

The "Electrum Model E Elite" features an elongated shape and a 16mm core, allowing for exceptional touch and extended reach at the kitchen, just like the original model. However, what sets the E Elite apart is its thermoformed core and raw carbon fiber. This cutting-edge combination provides unparalleled balance in terms of power, control, and spin, establishing the E Elite as the ultimate choice for players who demand excellence.

Thanks to its reengineered condensed core made entirely from polypropylene honeycomb, the Electrum E Elite also offers a sizable sweet spot and consistent feel across the paddle. With an average weight of 8.2 ounces, this paddle is perfectly balanced for optimal performance.

Paddle Specifications:

Core thickness: 16mm
Weight Range: 8.0 - 8.3 ounces
Handle Length: 5 1/4 inches
Grip Circumference: 4.5 inches
Paddle Length: 16 1/2 inches
Paddle Width: 7.37 inches
Includes Electrum Neoprene Protection Sleeve - FREE ($15 Value)
Surface: Raw Carbon Fiber surface

New Features:

Thermoformed molding
Whole Cell HoneyComb Condensed Core
Electrum FoamFit Technology - Peripheral foam injection


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